20 Weird & Funny WiFi Names That Will Confuse Your Neighbors

The meaning of having fun has changed in the last few years. The ways we used to have fun in our childhood don’t seem funny now. Now we are in the technology world; everything in this world runs with technology only. If you want to have fun, there are several ways to have fun, like on social media, posting weird pictures of your friends, or playing games on your PlayStation. In this article, we will describe another way of having fun by confusing your friends and neighbors.

When we buy an internet router, we initially need to give it a name to identify and connect with the network. Therefore don’t give any boring name to your WiFi connection; try these funny names to have a little fun, and neighbors will definitely like this idea of having fun. 

FBI Surveillance Van

People are very busy in their lives and don’t want to get into new problems. So, you can use this name so that your neighbors think that it might be the real FBI network. They will never connect to your WiFi network.

No internet access

It can be the other funny option. Your neighbors will be confused if this is a WiFi name or real WiFi with no internet access.

Viruses found

Many people use this one for the last few years to save their data pack from neighbors and friends. People are very concerned about protecting their gadgets from viruses. So they don’t try to connect with these networks.

Underworld secured WiFi

If you want your friends and neighbors to stay away from your free WiFi network, this could be a better option because no one wants to connect with the underworld.

It’s Not Working

This one is also used by a large population so that no friend or other people can use Your WiFi network. They will be confused to see this network and later get convinced that it’s not working.

You’re Under Surveillance

This WiFi can also be used to scare some of your neighbors. Because nowadays, people are afraid of the fact if someone is spying on them or not. 

You Are My Crush

If your neighbor is a lovely girl and you must have fallen in her love, but are afraid of telling her, then this trick can work. You can use the name “you are my crush,” once she will switch on her WiFi, she might connect with you to know more about you.

It’s your Father’s WiFi

This one sounds a little awkward and disgusting, but people usually don’t connect with this kind of network. If you are living in a college, then this trick works well.

My Number **********

All of us are not gifted by several friends or lovers. Some people feel alone at their home; they think if someone can call and talk to them, they use this WiFi name and write their numbers there in their WiFi names.

Use Your Credit Card Number For Password

Have you tried this one? As you know, we all are concerned about our payment options and card details. If you want no one to click on your WiFi network, this name can save your data from data invaders.

You Are Hacked

Hacking is very dangerous and unethical. Hackers can steal your private data and information from your computer. That is why people are afraid of hacking and usually stay away from this world. If this is your WiFi name, they will never be going to give it a try.

Password is PassWord

Do you want to trouble your neighbors looking for free WiFi outside there, use this one, tell them your password, and they will surely try to connect with it, and then they will be disappointed to see that you have made them fall because the password is incorrect.

We Are Watching you

The name is enough to scare someone because people love their privacy; they cannot discuss their secrets with anyone. If they feel like someone is watching them, they feel very annoyed.


Many people use this name for their WiFi because it’s a bit confusing for them that they were looking for a WiFi connection, and it showed that Bluetooth connected. 

‘5G’ Connected

You must have heard about many myths circulating on the web or news that claims “5G technology is spreading the coronavirus”. Therefore, this name can also save you from data stealers in your neighborhood.

Battery Low

People more often use this WiFi name to confuse their friends and neighbors. 

Click for ‘2G

Most People are using ‘4G‘ and ‘5 G’ networks for higher speed nowadays. So no one wants to go a decade year back and want to enjoy the 2G services. So this trick also works sometimes, and people usually don’t connect with the 2G network.


Tring a complicated name can also save you from your neighbors and friends using your WiFi network. People usually don’t get into what they don’t understand. So it’s tricky and new as well.

Shut Your Dog’s Mouth

If your neighbor’s dog shouts at everyone and you feel like it’s disturbing you. You can use this trick to convey your message. Change your WiFi name to this one. Once they read it, they will get to know what this is about and why?

Error-403 WiFi Unavailable

“This is the last one but not the least” This kind of WiFi name is used by several people worldwide. As discussed earlier, people are tired of their lives and don’t want to get involved in complicated things, so they usually stay away from these names.

People use the 20 most weird and funny WIfi names for different purposes. Any ideas and suggestions regarding the post, please send your feedback in the comment section. We hope you like this article and explore other similar and wired topics on our website.

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