To irritate someone you don’t like can be very interesting and funny for you. To annoy people is like taking some revenge for small things they have already done to irritate you. So, now you don’t worry about it. We will tell you about the craziest ways to annoy them.

Nowadays, people are already very busy and confused in their lives that it’s not that challenging to annoy them because these people usually lack patience, and any small undesired activity they see gets irritated. So, let’s read about these ideas.

Always give a missed call.

A very first technique to irritate these people is never to call them, always give a missed call and let them call you. If you continue to follow this procedure for a week or month, they will get irritated by you.

Borrow your friend’s phone and talk for hours

If you want to irritate any of your friends, then borrow his phone by making an excuse to call your parents and call your girlfriend and talk to her for as much time as possible. But, of course, your friend will be irritated within a few minutes and start abusing you in his mind.

Start making weird sounds and doing unhygienic activities while eating food.

If you are eating food with your friends, then this is the best idea to irritate them by performing certain unhygienic activities in front of them. Like putting your finger inside your nostrils and starting to clean them, they will get irritated. You can also make noise while chewing your food to irritate them.

Send candy crush requests on Facebook.

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This technique is very effective in irritating people on Facebook as well. So if any of your Facebook friends are troubling you, send them the candy crush requests; they will get irritated very soon.


Call them by their nicknames.

If you are tired of trying all these methods and tricks and nothing works out, here is the best option to irritate them. Start calling them by their nicknames if they already have and if they don’t have, think about some weird and funny nicknames which suit their personality. This technique works on 90% of the people in the world.

Forward chain messages

This trick also works if you keep sending them the chain messages for an extended period. Then, one day, they will call to tell you not to send these messages.

Borrow their charger and don’t return it

If you are fed up with a person and want to teach him a lesson, ask him to give him his mobile charger and don’t return it too soon; he will stop troubling you.

Fart In a Public Place

It’s a very cheap and disgusting way to irritate people, but it works. For example, if you are sitting at a party or group function and fart, making a louder noise, people will get irritated and start leaving the place.

Show off your expensive stuff.

You may have tried this trick before. Show off your newly bought clothes, bikes, cars, or other costly stuff. But, of course, they will get irritated and jealous of you because they don’t have money to purchase these items.

Complaining about each and everything

Another good way to annoy a friend is to complain as much as possible. Everyone hates crying people or people who complain all the time. If you complain about entirely useless things, such as the weather or what you see on TV, that’s even better, so that your problem doesn’t sound that serious. However, if you repeat the same complaint repeatedly, it is likely to be annoying. 

Call “Baby” or “Babu” to your lover in front of other people.

If you call your lover by using nicknames which you have given to them, then people feel irritated and jealous of both of you because they feel like they don’t have someone to love, but you have.

Talk about Yourself

Narcissistic people are very annoying. When you are with your friends, be sure to use the word “I” as much as possible and talk about your problems and what is happening as much as you can. When your friend starts telling about himself, change the subject or tell them that you have to leave suddenly. This will definitely irritate everyone. 

Be a flake

Another way of annoying people is to assure them that you will be somewhere and then completely ignore them. It’s best to be completely sincere as if you are determined to go to a movie or bring your friends to a party. Then, at the last second, make up a lousy excuse for the reason you can’t go so that you can leave your friend up in the air.

Borrow your friend favorite things and don’t return

This is another very annoying habit you can use on any person. Take permission from your friend if you can borrow their favorite shirt or novel or guitar that you think suits you best. Then continue to promise to return the goods without actual implementation. This will irritate your friends.

Reveal your friend’s secrets

One of the top irritating things you can do is to reveal the secrets of your friends. However, if your friends tell you something private, you can try to let others know. Obviously, please consider it for yourself.

If this is a genuinely private matter, then it is best to take a step back, but if it is a bit embarrassing or stupid, then you may “accidentally” mention it in front of other friends.

Invite yourself where you are not invited

Invite yourself to an event, party, or trip with your friends where they don’t want to be with you. When they plan for an event, listen to them and enter the room and say, “Hey guys, what’s the plan? Where are we going?.” They will definitely be irritated.

Be as messy as possible.

Everybody hates to live with messy siblings, especially if they share a room. If you get this opportunity to live in the same room with your favorite siblings, then you should put your clothes anywhere and make sure it is difficult for your brother to find his own things. You can also pour some toothpaste in the sink, spread your food everywhere, or do your best to create problems in your brother’s way.

Irritate your teacher

Sometimes, for teachers, nothing is more annoying than being a few minutes late for class. It can be annoying if you apologize with a silly smile, or if you look calm and composed, as if you don’t care about the teacher’s feelings or if the class is your top priority.

Ask most apparent and stupid questions to your teacher.

Another way to irritate your teacher is to ask some fundamental questions, and it will make them clear that you are not paying attention at all. For example, if you are in an algebra class, ask questions like “What does X mean?” or any other question that makes the teacher have to go back to the beginning or just angry because you haven’t paid attention.

Distract other students and sleeping in the class

Teachers hate it when their students sleep in class. If you want to be very irritating, you should try to do this as much as possible. If you can snore high, then start snoring to distract other students. Sleeping in class won’t help your grade any, but it will irritate your teachers.

These are the most irritating things you can do to irritate your friends or strangers, family members, siblings, and teachers. There might be some other techniques and unique ideas in your mind to annoy people. If you want to share with us, you can write your suggestions in the comment section. It would help if you tried these ways with the people you want to irritate and share your experiences with us. Read more exciting and funny articles in the funny category on our website.