15 Most Funny Ideas For Employee Awards Which Companies Should Give

You must have heard about the awards given to the employees for their performance, consistency, and productivity throughout the year. Mainly, companies organize an annual event every year for employees, giving awards to their employees to make them happy and make them feel like they are working for the best company in the world.

On this day, they provide employees with VIP treatment. First of all, Invitation cards are sent to the employees to tell them how special they are to the company and when the most awaited day comes. Then, a few big golden-colored trophies of different and weird shapes are placed in front of the employees to make them desperate and excited. Then awards distribution takes place. 

Most of the time, a CEO of a competitor or giant company is generally invited as a chief guest, who doesn’t have any interest in knowing why he has come there. Awards are usually given for best employee of the year based on the performance of employees. 

But all these boring awards are based on the dull perception of jury members and given to the best performer in their work profile only. Instead, recognitions should be interesting, like every employee having different talents can compete in their respective field. So, here we are with the most creative ideas for employee awards in various categories.

Mission Impossible Award

Doesn’t it look funny or exciting? This award is not related to Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible in any way. This one should be given to the employee who did an impossible task, for example, coming to the office late for the whole year continuously without a single miss or an employee who never finishes his work on time.

Super Snacker Award

As its name suggests, this award is specially made for the person who eats snacks all the time, for example, chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, pizzas, burgers, patties and chips, and a lot more wherever comes in their way.

You have met several employees in your office too, who can easily be seen consuming snacks, snacks, and more snacks all the time. I am not sure where they are consuming all these snacks. Therefore, we will choose one of all these hungry bastards to give our super snacker award.

The Angry Bird Award

This award will be given to an employee who is constantly being angry and upset with his team members, managers, and other colleagues. Overall, this is the person who is not satisfied with the work profile and salary.

The Early Bird Award

This award sounds similar to the previous award, but actually, it is the opposite of the previous one. This is for the person who always comes to the office before the actual office timings to show his boss how workaholic and punctual he really is. But the boss is already aware of his intentions. This employee looks completely satisfied with his job.

The Picasso Award

Our next award is The Picasso award. It has nothing to do with the famous painter Picasso and painting as well. This is made for the person who is always found scribbling or doodling all the time on notebooks, desks, everywhere.

The Duct Tape Award

You have probably seen many employees in your office who are hired for multipurpose tasks. They are experts in doing whatever their boss expects from them. For example, they might be employed for computer programming or software development, but their profile just got changed according to the company requirements. 

If a peon, who serves tea and coffee in the office, takes a leave of absence, these employees can serve tea to other employees. They can be fixed anywhere where their boss wants them to get fixed.

Office DJ Award

This award is given to an exceptional employee who used to play music at all the birthday parties and farewell parties. This employee really doesn’t care about what others think. He is just fond of his own music choice and song selection, but he doesn’t know how to dance; that is why he wants other persons to dance to his favorite music.

The Bermuda Triangle Award

Have you ever heard about Bermuda Triangles? Then you must get an idea of what this award is for? This one is given to a person who is owning a mysterious desk, where things go in but never return.

The Office Prankster Award

There is a person who always does silly things in every office, pranks, and other funny activities with his teammates. This person should be awarded the office prankster award to motivate him to make the office a happier place.

Busy Bee Award

It goes to the busiest employee in the office who doesn’t have time to take this award.

Always Hungry Award

Many employees in my office always look for something to eat. It doesn’t matter if they had eaten their lunch just a few minutes before; if you have something to eat, they are ready, and they will eat it. Therefore, these people will be considered for this award.

Neatest Nook Award

This award is for the employee who always keeps his desk neat and clean. You can check this person anytime; you will find everything placed in its original position. 

Caffeine Addict Award

It is specially made for the employee who always sticks to his coffee mug. This person is addicted to caffeine, and a coffee mug should be given to this person as the best caffeine addict personality in the office.

Ping Pong Master

This one should be given to a table tennis champion in your office. Table tennis is a trendy game among office employees. So a ping pong master should be there in every office.

Pen Stealer Award

Some people are good at stealing other’s pens even from their school times, and they keep doing this in their offices. Therefore, these persons should be chosen for this category.

We hope that it was great fun to read this article. If you have more ideas like this, you can give your suggestions in the comment sections. We will try to add your thoughts in our next article. Also, you can have a look at other funny articles posted on our website.

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