15 Genius Moving Tips Which Makes Your Moving Day Easier

Buying a new house can be very exciting and pleasing, but moving is the most painful and hectic process. We must take good care of everything. All expensive materials like furniture, electronics, and other appliances should reach the new place without any damage.

The steps for moving from one place to another like looking for the boxes to pack up all the stuff, packing up the things, and placing the tubes in a truck or car. The whole process of moving is very complicated. This article will tell you about the most amazing tips to make your moving day happier and less hectic.

 1. Toss the unused and unnecessary items first before start packing 

When you are moving to a new house, first of all, you need to get rid of all the material you have not used once in the last few months. For example, the old clothes you have not worn over the previous six months, donate these clothes, your electronic accessories which you don’t use, sell them. This trick will help you to pack the less and useful stuff only. Therefore, it will save you time and get relief from old and useless junk.

 2. Get the boxes for packing & moving the stuff from the local liquor store

This is one of the biggest hurdles in the moving process from one place to another. Visit your local liquor store to get the boxes for packing. Make sure that containers are in good condition and not torn from any side. Use these boxes to pack the soft and light stuff like clothes, towels, curtains, etc., so that it will be easy to lift the boxes while loading and unloading the stuff.

 3. Check if you have the original boxes for your electronics items

 To pack and move the electronic items is the biggest challenge while moving. Because the safety of electronic items from crack or damage is critical, so first of all, check out if you have the original packing boxes for your electronics items.

It will be safer to pack and move them in their boxes. If not, then you need to make a list of buying the boxes for all your electronic items. You can also apply bubble wrap or a heavy blanket to pack the TV and other electronics.

 4. Go to Hardware Store

Create a handwritten list of things you need to buy to pack and move the stuff, plan a visit to a hardware store near you, and buy all the required items like packing tape, toolbox, cardboard boxes, packing paper, extra screws, putty, and a hefty broom.

 5. Pack the decorative items a few weeks before moving

 It is easy to pack the stuff little by little rather than dealing with everything in a single day. Try to pack your decorative items like paintings, antiques, vases a week before and wrap these fragile pieces into bubble wrap properly.

 6. Pack the stuff category wise

 You need to pack the item according to their categories. Pack all stuff like shoes, clothes, electronics, decorative pieces, paintings, potteries, kitchen tools according to their classes to move it safely and efficiently.

 7. Change the address of your house a week before you move

This is one thing that everyone forgets to do until they move into their new home for two weeks and realize that their Amazon Prime shipments have not yet arrived. Change your address in advance so that your bills, credit card statements, and packages can arrive smoothly on time.

 8. Lebel the moving boxes Accurately

The key to finding your items easily is to mark all your boxes accurately. For example, when you stack boxes in a truck or car, you will not see the top, so a label is put on the side. But don’t stop there. Mark boxes by category and room (for example, books, library and books, bedroom) to speed up the unloading procedure.

 9. Pack the heavy stuff in small boxes

If you know the struggles involved in moving a large cardboard box full of college textbooks in a parking lot, then you also know that this advice cannot be overstated. Fill your small box with heavier items, and use oversized packages with light items, such as crucial pillows, towels, and bedding.

 10. Pack the dishes vertically

Do not stack the plates horizontally in the box. Instead, wrap your plates and bowls in wrapping paper, gently place them on the side of the box, like a disc, and fill the space with foam wrapping paper to prevent them from cracking and breaking.

 11. Pack a clear plastic box with the things you will need right away

This can include toilet paper, shower curtains, hand sanitizer, towels, sheets, snacks, or any other items you think you need on the first day or night of your new home. After that, it will be more comfortable and ready to face the unpacking of everything else.

 12. Stop buying the groceries a week before you leave

To avoid feeling guilty about throwing away entirely decent food, please stop shopping for groceries a week or two before your planned check-in date. Instead, try to cook at home and eat all the rest of your food.

If you have not finished eating, ask a friend or two to see if they need some semi-finished spices or a box of pasta. Then, please get rid of it, throw it away, don’t look back.

 13. Take a picture of the backside of your electronics

Before disassembling and packing them, take some pictures of the back of the electronic device like TV and Monitor. Having these images will make it easier for you to set up your TV or monitor as quickly as you need. 

 14. Buy all the cleaning supplies for the moving day

Make a mini cleaning kit so you can clean up at home for the last time on the day of check-in. Set aside brooms, mops, dustpans, dusters, sponges, cleaning products, paper towels, and old rags to clean dirty and hidden surfaces. You will never be able to do it when everything is blocking your way.

 15. Load heavy furniture in the loading truck first

 You movers should know about how to put everything behind the moving truck as efficiently as possible. Load your heavy furniture first, such as sofas and assemblies. Then end with lighter objects, such as your DIY bedside table and folding chair, which can double as clothes hangers.

Be gentle with everything because most things that look wooden are not made of wood but particleboard. Or, the sofa can be placed nicely on both sides and save a lot of space in the process.

 With all these tips and techniques, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed on a moving day because you will be well prepared for the day, and all staff will be packed in boxes already. It would help if you were excited about shifting to your new house.

We hope that you will praise the concept of this article, and it will be beneficial for you while moving. Please give your more suggestions and tips for packing and moving in the comment section and keep visiting our platform to read more valuable and exciting articles like this.

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