13 Funny Life Hacks We Don’t Recommend You Actually Try

Simple ideas that people offer to make our daily lives a little easier are known as life hacks. There is no shortage of helpful life hacks on the internet, whether it’s a method for saving time, money, or simply cutting off a few steps from a complex activity.

However, as with everything on the internet that is remotely useful, someone had to come along and trash it with humor. Several amusing life hacks are floating around the internet that appears to be useful, but upon closer study, you’ll discover that they’re just disastrous when implemented. So, kids, don’t attempt this at home! Instead, let’s find out how these hacks are not of any use.

Magnify Your Mobile Screen

 If you face issues with your smartphone’s small screen, don’t worry, just put it in a glass of water, and water will magnify the net two times.

This hack will work, but I’m not sure “for how long!” because once you put your phone in water, it will be shut down for the rest of its life.

Cut the tennis ball in half to save space.

 If you cannot fit six balls in a transparent plastic box or jar, then do one thing: cut all the balls in two half pieces, now put one on another.

Then, all balls will fit in one box. Don’t try this at home if you are looking forward to playing with these balls.

Skip Washing Dishes

If guests are coming for dinner and are on the way, you didn’t get time to clean your dishes. Don’t fret; we have a permanent solution for this problem.

First, clean it for once correctly and take a picture of it and print around 10-15 copies of this picture for multiple occasions. Now paste this picture on your sink; if any of your guests visit your kitchen, he will be happy to see your neat and clean sink.

Avoid Snake Bites

Did you know that the majority of snake bites happen on the feet or legs? So stay on your hands and knees or, if possible, walk fully on your hands if you’re walking in an area with a lot of snakes.

This will lower your chances of being bitten statistically.


Reduce your food Budget

 I enjoy eating out, but I hate spending a high price on food. So I sleep till noon or later every day to save money. By doing this, I always miss my breakfast.

 Start referring to lunch as breakfast if you’re worried about skipping “the most essential meal of the day.” Then, tell yourself you’re not going to eat dinner. Despite the missing supper, your body should be healthy as a result of this.

Save your car maintenance Money.

Cars have issues now and then, but it’s challenging to come up with the funds to correct everything. So I wouldn’t worry about it as long as they get you from point A to B.

So, the next time your automobile makes an odd or bothersome noise, turn up the radio. It’s a high-powered engineering marvel. While you’re jamming, everything will fall into place.

Avoid working for others.

 If you’ve ever used Tinder, you know that having dog pictures in your profile is the best way to meet people. But what if you don’t want to interact with others? What if you don’t want to keep them?

Puppy dogs, strangely enough, still do the job. No one can ask you for help with anything if you’re constantly holding pups. You can altogether avoid humans if you have at least two on you at all times.

Avoid Restroom Awkwardness

It’s time to go a little disgusting after the sweetest life tip on the list. Our bodies all have the same functions, yet we occasionally prefer that others aren’t aware of them. So, if nature calls while you’re in an awkward social scenario, like a date or at your boss’s house, utilize this method to prevent having to hold it.

Make as much noise as possible in the restroom to mask any awkward noise. Scream, pound on the walls and possibly smash something. As long as they can’t hear your genuine motive, you should be able to maintain your high social status.

On-Demand Excuse

Nobody loves a flat tire, but you create lemonade with the figurative lemon life has thrown at you if it happens to you. Take a photograph of the flat tyre with your phone and save it. You can now be late for everything you want.

Send the photo to whoever is waiting for you, along with a caption hinting that something unexpected happened. Then strangely ask them with a sad mood, do you know how to change the tire?

Discounts Forever

Spotify and Amazon Prime are pretty much indispensable in our lives these days, and we’re sure we’re not alone. Regrettably, these services are prohibitively pricey. College is, thankfully, mostly free. So why stop when you don’t have to pay back your student loans until you stop going to school?

In everything, you are a major. Make yourself into a Renaissance man or woman. You’ll be paying Amazon student rates the whole time. Hulu, movie tickets, and so on. Continue doing so until you qualify for senior discounts, and you’ll never have to pay full price for the nicest things in life.

Tired of your Taxi- Driver, Driving Slow

If you are getting late for a meeting or something important, you get stuck in a taxi whose driver is driving it very slow.

In that case, we will tell you a fantastic trick, make yourself look sick, try coughing and sneeze; he will immediately speed up to prevent an infection.

Open a beer with a seatbelt while driving.

Have you noticed it before? You can open a beer bottle with your car seatbelt.

However, they would have never placed a beer opener in a car if they don’t want you to drink while driving.


Easy way to turn your skin purple

You don’t need expensive make-ups for doing this; just cut off the blood supplies to your extreme limit, the skin of your hand will turn purple.

We hope that you liked this article. This content is only written for fun activities. We strongly recommend not to try any of the tricks in your life. If you have any insinuation or feedback about the article, please let us know and write down your comments in the comments section. Check out similar, more exciting, and funny topics on our website.

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