12 Unique & Recently Developed Innovative Products To make Life Easier

During the quarantine period, you often shop online so much that you are almost familiar with the entire Amazon inventory. But just when you thought you had browsed it all, then you found that there were hundreds of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

The Internet is full of innovative products you never thought of, from exquisite kitchen gadgets to fitness gadgets, innovative technological equipment, and more. Here, we have discovered 12 new innovative products which can make your life easier.

Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is a new invention for the people facing back problems due to sitting in the same position for the 8 hours almost during office time. This chair is like a yoga ball. It boosts the person’s energy level and is also very helpful for inputting relief from back pain. This chair is designed for users of different heights, which is compatible with all standard work desks.

No Tie Shoelaces

Have you ever seen shoelaces that you do not need to tie up? No-tie-shoelaces are also a new and unique invention for people who hate to tie their shoelaces. You can buy these laces for your minor child as well.

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

It is a unique invention that directly comes from the future. Although vacuum cleaners make cleaning the house more accessible, they are noisy and bulky in daily use. The developed robot is shaped like a disc, has suction and cleaning technology, and is controlled by an Arduino giant microcontroller.

One advantage of using a robot vacuum cleaner is it’s quiet compared to an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Moreover, because they can vacuum themselves, they are considered more convenient to use. Robot vacuum cleaners can be stored under a bed or desk or in a closet, while ordinary vacuum cleaners require more space.

A set of tilted whiskey glasses

It seems brilliant and unique artwork. These tilted whiskey glasses look excellent when put together and can be considered a good selection of glasses for fancy parties.

A Desk Mug Warmer

Functionally speaking, a small heating plate is located on your table and can heat the bottom of your cup to keep the liquid inside warm. In addition, a good mug warmer can keep your drink warm without aggravating the unpleasant taste due to burning. 

The cup warmer allows you to start your business without worrying about the coffee cup getting cold. In addition, they provide you with greater freedom and authority, allowing you to concentrate on drinking coffee without losing the temperature or freshness of the coffee.

A Portable Pee Buddy

This is a beneficial device innovated for women only. If a woman is afraid of using public washrooms to get protected from various infections, this instrument can work; they can pee clean in a standing position using a pee buddy device. It’s a small and portable device that is easy to carry on trips and other public places.

Home-based DNA Test for your cat

Do you have adequate knowledge about your cat’s breed and its characteristics? If not, then we have a solution for you. Now you can take the DNA Test of your cat at your home, and you will learn about the origins of cats that can be traced back to more than 20 breeds.

Just take saliva from the cat’s mouth, send the sample by mail and wait for a complete DNA report for about four to six weeks, outlining your cat’s genetic characteristics. Then, you can choose to have a one-on-one conversation with the veterinarian to discuss your pet’s examination results. 

LED Slippers

Source image_groupon.com

These slippers contain a flashlight on their front side. These slippers are invented because people wake up at night, and they get hurt when they drink water in a kitchen, and the lights are off. So they can use these slippers, and they don’t need to turn on the lights.

Sanitizer cum Soap Dispenser

This is a “three in one” no-touch device, a soap dispenser, and a hand sanitizer which a person requires most nowadays. With the help of this device, you don’t need to touch door handles, lift shutters, car handles, and buttons. It also has two 50 ml containers; one is for sanitizer, and the second is for the soap dispenser.

25,000 mAh Waterproof Portable Power Bank Included 4 Solar Panels

This is a very brilliant invention you have not heard about. It comprises four portable solar panels, which is the best way to utilize the Sun’s energy. The capacity of this power bank is very high and can help you for more than one or two weeks in charging your mobile phone once fully charged.

The other very important feature of this device is that it is waterproof. Therefore, it is best suitable for people going on adventurous trips for long durations on mountains or camping in forest areas.

Lifestraw Plastic Personal-Portable Water Purifier

It is a very valuable small water purifier that you can carry away with you anywhere where you don’t find drinkable water easily. With LifeStraw, you can drink directly from water sources (such as streams, mud pits, or lakes), but be aware that the ground may get soaked. Although LifeStraw has passed the test up to 422 gallons (1600 liters), you should stop using it after 1000 liters.


In recent years, modern apartments have hardly been equipped with classic wood-burning fireplaces. Therefore, many people choose electric fireplaces. With this product, you can run a comfortable and relatively small fireplace anywhere in the house, especially where there is no fireplace.

The bio fireplace is named after the eco-fuel ethanol produced by the use of wood chips. This stainless steel or ceramic spirit lamp is tasteless and smokeless. Similar to wax candles, it is harmless.

These are some beautiful small inventions to make complicated things easier for you. So when you go online shopping next, don’t forget to buy any of your favorite and newly innovative items.

You can easily find most of these items on Amazon or other popular websites. Please give your feedback and suggestions in the comments section and stay in touch with us for more exciting articles like this.

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