12 Surprisingly Everyday Things The President of the United States Can’t Do

As we all know, this is one of the most challenging jobs to be the United States president. Here, you can read about 12 everyday daily life things a US president is not allowed to do. You will be surprised to see that you are free to do several things, but the President is not permitted to do so.

  • Go anywhere without the “Football.”

“Football” is the nickname for the briefcase that the Secret Service accompanies the President. Although its exact content is unknown, It allows the President to verify his identification and, in an emergency, call the national military command center.

It also presents a “menu” of possibilities in the case of a nuclear war. The President must carry a laminated code card with him at all times to activate the “football,” and the Secret Service agents must take a 45-pound bag near the President.

  • Driving his Car

Driving is not an option for the President. “The president is driven by a highly trained person to prepare for an emergency.” However, Jim Rowe, author, and professor of political science at Villanova University.

Dr. Nan pointed out that in places such as Camp David or personal property, the President can walk, ride a bicycle, or perform other simple tasks.

  • Going Out for dinner 

The President cannot go out for dinner anytime with anyone. He can go out for dinner, but the Secret Service needs sufficient notice in advance to ensure that the restaurant is safe. In addition, according to reports, the President may not be able to eat outside the White House unless there is an official “food taster” to ensure that the food is safe to eat. 

  • Going to the movies

Going to the cinema is strictly not allowed for Mr. President. If the President wants to watch a movie, they have to bring the film to the White House. The movie will be played in the home theatre there.

  • Use an iPhone

Even the commander-in-chief cannot choose which smartphone to use. President Barack Obama was the first to use a smartphone. However, he admitted in 2013 that he could not use the popular iPhone due to unexplained security issues.

Instead, he has been working hard to use a heavily modified BlackBerry during his tenure, which is the chosen model since his first significant victory in 2008.

  • Calling Friends

We mostly call our friends daily, or a day later, it’s a very normal and usual thing for us. But not for the President of the USA. The President can only call a private line.

If he wants to speak with his friend or anyone, the President needs to inform the secret service about this; then he can talk with his friends.

  • Attend their children performances and sporting events

Another disadvantage mentioned by some former presidents is the impact on their immediate family members. “For example, participating in dance recitals or sporting events for children or grandchildren would involve such extensive security arrangements at the location, preparation work, this is impossible. “Imagine having children but not being able to see them develop their talents! 

  • Opening the windows of the white house

In the world, the most powerful person is unable to open his or her windows to let the breeze in. Since Michelle Obama was related to Stephen Colbert in 2015, the Secret Service required all windows to remain closed.

This also applies to the windows of all official vehicles. The first lady revealed an exception: “One day, as a gift, my chief agent asked me to open the window on my way to Camp David. It’s like five minutes. It’s like, ‘windows open. enjoy it. “

  • Accept Expensive Gifts

There are strict rules that prohibit the President from accepting expensive gifts from world leaders and other dignitaries. In 2017, the law required the National Archives to send gifts worth more than US$390.

Any item of lower value is fine and is considered a “souvenir or courtesy mark.” This may lead to some strange situations: for example, George W. Bush had to buy an expensive Bulgarian shepherd, Balkan, and received a gift from the Bulgarian President. 

  • Use of unsupervised technology

Secret services always look after new threats related to the technology the President uses. Therefore, Obama was required to restrict the use of BlackBerry and Trump to restrict his Twitter account. Social media is considered a place where everyone can express their opinions, but the United States President is not. a

  • Use Commercial Airlines

If the President is eager to take an American Airlines flight, the US Secret Service will say, “I’m sorry, I can’t.” Dr. Karla Mastracchio, a Cyber ​​Security Lecturer at SecureSet, pointed out that this is one of several “normal things” that the President cannot do.

He said: “The President can do most things that ordinary people can do, but there are more restrictions. “When you own Air Force 1, why do you still have to deal with the trouble caused by commercial airlines?

  • Cleaning the office

The United States President is not permitted to clean his office. Dr. Mastracchio pointed out that the President also discourages cleaning the office or throwing away mail. “According to the Presidential Records Act, they have the right to keep things that ordinary people don’t,” he said.

This includes email. This will drive us all crazy! Everything must be carefully sorted and cleaned by other White House staff before being thrown away. The President of the United States must abide by many rules and guidelines.

But they also have the final say. If the President wants to do something technically forbidden for security reasons, such as visiting dangerous areas, it is technically possible. The intelligence service must ensure that this work is done as safely as possible. However, the President is still obliged to be accompanied by secret agents.

We have mentioned all tasks and things the President cannot do without taking permission from the secret service agent. We hope you like this article and give your opinions and suggestions about this article—read out more exciting articles like this on our website.


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