11 Tips To Make Road Trip Easier And More Fun

If you plan to go on a road trip, you must keep many essential things in mind to reach your destination safely and comfortably. But, first, you need to plan your road trip; we are not just talking about packing. “Road hypnosis” is very common when travelers do not prepare for the endurance needs of long-distance travel. 

In fact, according to a survey, more than 60% of drivers say they drive when they are drowsy. With this statistic in mind, you should take a few steps to prepare for long-distance driving before going on a road trip and to stay alert and energetic during the journey. These long-distance travel tips will help you in the future.

Don’t Start Without A Plan.

Getting in the car and driving away sounds exciting, but it’s best to make some plans before you get on the road. A little planning will help a lot. It will make travel smoother and less stressful. The night before the trip, we always like to roughly plan our route to know which way we are going and how much time we need to be in the car. Then, we will observe the cities we will pass and determine good places to stop along the way. 

It will help us determine when to leave and whether we should avoid specific routes at certain times. For example, many people like to go out early in the morning, but we find that this is not always the best. Depending on the location, it is sometimes best to go out later because we avoid things like peak hours or construction work. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan, but our travel days are easier to manage than a proper plan.

Packing the Essentials

The packing is the first thing we do if we are going on a trip. So don’t forget to take the basic stuff like medications, food, water and clothes, and other things at your convenience.

Also, don’t forget to pack the things you find amusing, like books, puzzles, video games, etc.


Take proper sleep at night before the morning you leave.

Sleeping is a crucial factor when you are going on a road trip. Therefore, you must take care of this thing that you sleep 7-8 hours before leaving.

Otherwise, you will feel drowsy the whole day, and it will affect your focus on driving.


Make a list of songs you want to hear on a road trip.

What kind of music you are listening to in your car while driving is very important. Your favorite music will give sufficient relaxation and peace to your mind. So don’t forget to make a list of your favorite songs before starting your road trip.

Music quickly becomes boring, which is why we like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks anytime, anywhere. These are more attractive than books and make travel time pass quickly.

Check and clean your car before and During the trip.

A week before leaving for the road trip, you must take your car to your mechanic for fluid levels, brakes, and tires. If your mechanic approves the vehicle to go on a road trip, then it’s okay.

Otherwise, rent any other car from any friend or transport company because safety is the most primary concern if you plan to go on a road trip. Don’t forget to clean the car you are bringing for the road trip.

Bring Healthy Food and Road Trip Snacks

Food and snacks are necessarily required on a road trip. Although it’s fun to stop and buy things you don’t usually eat at home, eating only those things can make you feel bad. Eat as few snacks as possible to avoid feeling sluggish and bloated.

Before going on the road, we must load a freezer bag containing sandwiches, drinks, and snacks in the car. It is healthier, saves us a lot of money, and allows us to drive longer without stopping. 

Drink Water & Stay Hydrated

If you stay hydrated, you will feel amazing throughout the journey. I’m not saying that you have to give up everything else entirely, but in addition to other drinks, make sure you also have enough water.

We always need to carry enough water in the car and fill our water bottles every time we stop somewhere. Drinking plain water will make you feel better on a road trip.


Always Carry Some Cash

It would help if you remembered this thing always, wherever you go for a road trip. There are still infinite places on the earth where credit cards and online payment options are not available.

So if you need to pay someone for parking or any other stuff you like and want to buy, only cash will help you in that scenario. We are not saying to take as much money as possible; that is also not safe if you visit some unknown place, but always keep a little cash for small things.

Schedule Your Trip Considering Bigger Brakes

When you are planning a longer road trip, you must keep in mind that you will take enough breaks to take proper rest.

Otherwise, you will not feel energetic throughout the journey, and you won’t be able to enjoy the trip to its fullest. So schedule your trip accordingly and proper rest.

Keep A Regular Check On Fuel

Please don’t wait for the moment your car stops because fuel is over, and you need to refuel it now. Of course, you can drive another 50 miles with the fuel tank, but once you get there, there may be no fuel options.

Do you want to be trapped in a remote place on the side of the road? I suggest you start looking for a gas station when the vehicle reaches ¼ of its fuel tank.

Always Prepare for the Worst Scenario

We should never expect bad things to happen, but unfortunately, sometimes it does. If you are prepared for the worst, you can deal with these situations without affecting your travel too much. Always ensure your car insurance and registration are up to date, and the documents are kept in your glove box. 

Create an emergency car kit with a complete spare tire, jack, jumper cable, water, flashlight, and maybe even some tools if there is enough space. It is also beneficial to carry a small first aid kit in the car with bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, and bite relief cream. Being fully prepared for the unfortunate situation will make all the difference.

With the help of all these tips, you can make your road trip more enjoyable and fun. These tips will also help you to suffer less in bad situations and to return you home safely. We hope that this article contains sufficient information which will help you during your next road trip.

You are always welcome to share your unique ideas with us; Please write your feedback and suggestions in the comment section.

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