11 Surprising Things Your Dog Doesn’t Like

Dogs also have feelings and emotions like us, but they can’t express or communicate about these things like we do. However, if you are a pet owner from his birth, you might understand when he feels sad, angry, or depressed. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to know what makes the dog uncomfortable or upset. For example, can you tell when your pet is stressed? Research confirms that dogs communicate with their eyes and respond to you by recognizing your facial expressions. Therefore, if your dog starts to show white eyes, please understand that he is worried. 

Also, look for body language that shows that they are scared and shy. Many things will bother your dog, but you may not notice. You only know this when they push them too tight, and they end up feeling frustrated. Any extra negligence will make your dog aggressive and defensive. Frequent nuisances can also cause behavioral problems in your dog. Therefore, don’t ignore things that annoy your dog.

Dogs generally tolerate our weird behavior because they are loyal and calm. You might think of some things that your dog hates because these are obvious. Maybe when you try to bathe him, your dog will slow down. You can avoid hugging or certain types of manipulation. Yes, certain things are inevitable, such as going to the veterinarian or grooming. However, there are other ways to relax our dog. No two dogs are precisely the same, so what the other dog can enjoy, one dog hates. Let’s find out what we do that dogs hate.

No hugging and Kissing

We generally hug our dogs very tightly to show them how much we care for them, but the dogs don’t understand the concept of hugging so tightly, they don’t like it. Many dogs might tolerate it gracefully, but some dogs will feel threatened, feared, or angry. Remember, the same dog that wants to be hugged by one person may react completely differently to another family member trying the same thing. 

If you are really eager to know if your dog hates your hug, please pay attention to his body language when you hug. Will he be nervous? Did he keep his head away from you? Does he avoid eye contact? Licking his lips? Shut his mouth? All these signs indicate that the dog is uncomfortable. So next time you want to hug him, use these clues to see if the dog is okay.

It can be not very clear for a dog to constantly accept kisses from its owner, mainly if he is not used to it since he was a child. However, they are very affectionate and submissive. It is okay to hug and kiss them, but be careful not to overdo it and be aware of signs of their discomfort. For example, they may raise their ears, yawn, or even show their teeth very frequently.

Communicate with your body language and signs.

Some owners often talk to their dogs, although this is fine. However, suppose we talk too much without using gestures or short words that your dog cannot easily understand.

We end up just overloading them. Dogs prefer you to communicate with them through body language, which helps them train when using short words or gestures.


Don’t yell or punish the dog very harshly.

Maybe when you are in a bad mood or angry, because your dog did something you don’t like. Convey this anger and negative emotions at that time. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that if you casually or not immediately scold your dog after an accident, he will never understand what happened or what he did wrong. This annoys them and may eventually cause stress and even fear.

Always stick to the dog’s routine.

Dogs like to be regular because they feel more confident and relaxed. Failure to follow the schedule, scold them or give inconsistent instructions means that your dog will never fit into your home properly and may remain stressed or uncomfortable.

Make a schedule for your best friend. Always provide good care and follow the exact instructions and commands. This way, they will never be restless or upset.

Don’t stare at your dog.

Dogs don’t like strong eye contact. If you have ever stared into your dog’s eyes, you may have noticed them floating away, or you may have seen them staring and growling.

Prolonged eye contact is a challenge for dogs and can cause alertness or fear. Avoid staring at a dog who does not know you; it may not like you.

When going for a walk, let them explore and smell their surrounding

Here are the things we did wrong while walking outdoors with dogs in a park or on the road, but we must learn to correct them if we want to enjoy this time outdoors. Sometimes we hold the belt tight so that they can’t sniff the surrounding environment.

This is because the owner usually walks in such a short time and is eager to complete. But it takes a long time for the dog to explore the surrounding environment. They need to smell it, go to the bathroom, and then play to avoid hurried walking.

Louder Noises and Strong Odours


Louder Sounds like Hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, car or fireworks are not healthy for dogs. Because dogs have special hearing and are more sensitive to sounds than we are. Therefore, any noise that may disturb you will frighten your pet. Some dogs are raised in response to loud noises, and they will not panic.

However, most of them do hate it, and we need to take care of it. The problem of strong smells is the same as his ears. The nose of a dog is much stronger than that of a human. Therefore, any scent that is strong enough, in your opinion, will cause significant disturbance to your pet.

Regular baths and cleaning Process

Taking a bath every day is normal for humans, but not for dogs. They keep themselves clean in their unique way, and their body odor is a way of communicating with others. If we clean them regularly when they are not dirty, we do not benefit.

In addition, when we wash, do not use products with a strong odor. Because of their mighty nostrils, they must be groomed according to dog hair and are almost odorless. These sweet aromas will be unbearable.

Don’t let them bore

Dogs can’t stand being bored. They want to do things constantly while spending time with you. So they hate when you ignore them or act dull. And they hate it when you’re away from home and don’t know when you’ll return.

The atrocious thing that can happen to a dog is that we give it up. They will never understand why it is difficult for them to trust humans again.

Therefore, avoid boredom, encourage and entertain your dog, and always stay close to him.

Dressing them up

Of course, if it is cold outside, or your dog needs to cover certain parts of the body because of an injury, you can put on a sweater or unique clothes for it. If your veterinarian recommends clothes for your pet, please listen to them.

In most cases, the thing to remember is that clothes are just decorative and have no effect on pets. If they feel uncomfortable, then they cannot walk normally or feel restricted. Therefore it will be just fine if you took off his clothes. Some dogs learn the tolerance power, but many dogs will not understand it.

Don’t tease your dog.

Many people think it’s funny to make fun of dogs:

  • Bark at them when you pass them on the street.
  • Pull the dog’s tail.

This list can continue, but the important thing is that you should not do something that you know will make the dog crazy because of laughter, and the dog will not find it funny. On the contrary, it can cause some severe behavior problems.

This was our list of things that dogs hate about humans. What do you think? Can you identify your dog in any of these situations, share your experiences in the comments or ask any question you may have?

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