11 Grammar Jokes That Will Make You Laugh and Feel Smarter

We have read grammar lessons and topics in our schools, but only for the exams. We don’t use the correct grammar while we text someone or post something on social media. We don’t worry about the usage of commas, full stops, and other punctuations.

But using accurate grammar is essential to write in English. This article will tell you about some sentences in which incorrect grammar has changed their meanings. These fantastic examples of incorrect grammar usage will do more than make you laugh.

Use a comma and save lives?

For example, a mother said,” Let’s eat kids.” In this sentence, it looks like a mother speaks to someone who comes here and eats kids. But the actual sentence is “Let’s eat, Kids.” Now she is saying to the kids, come here and eat. See how a comma puts the lives of her children in danger. But using a comma at the proper position saves their lives. So always use commas accurately, save lives and feel like a superhero.

Lack of Commas can cause serious problems.

Last year, I was traveling by bus to my brother’s house. He invited me for dinner. The bus stopped at a stop in between somewhere. I should get off the bus for some time and get some fresh air. Then I felt the need to use a washroom, I was looking for the men’s bathroom, and I looked at a door where it said: “Only for handicapped elderly pregnant children.” I was shocked to see this because I don’t know any handicapped elderly pregnant children. After a moment, I realized that they might have forgotten to use the command in between the words.

Help, A thief

When a thief snatched a bag from a lady and ran, the lady screamed “Help a thief,” but the policeman didn’t catch the thief. Then that lady came closer to that policeman and asked, why should you not catch the thief? The policeman answered, “comma, lady.” You were screaming, “Help a thief! Help a thief! And I helped that thief.

Who, Me?

When I was a little one and used to go to school every day. One day, My English teacher asked in my row, ‘Hey, you, name two pronouns. I said, “Who, Me? Then she said, ‘very good and asked me to sit down”. I was so confused why she said that. I didn’t answer the question, “I was just asking if she asked me or someone else,” but she took me wrong. After a few years, I came to understand that I was right, I know, accidentally, but I was?

Confusion with words that sounds similar

There are several words in English that have similar pronunciations, but have different meanings. For example, Except and accept desert and dessert, advice , etc. For example, This sentence, “Help! I am stranded on a desert Island,”. This man should use desert island instead of using dessert island.

Use comma. Are you a Psycho?

A person goes for an interview in a company. An interviewer asked him,” what are your hobbies.” Then he replied, “I like cooking my family and my pets. “The interviewer was really shocked to hear that and said,” Are you a Psycho? Use a comma after cooking. I am not sure if this candidate was hired or not.

We are closed due to short staff.

A store owner pasted this poster outside their store,” We are closed due to short staff” then a customer came there and read the sentence and pasted another sign, and it said,” hire taller staff, I need to buy a taco.” 

Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Some people use quotation marks everywhere, even if these marks aren’t required. For example, “Watch” for pedestrians.” This sentence should be written as “Watch for pedestrians.” Many people love to put the words in the quotation; they don’t care if putting the word into a quote changes its meaning. These people are concerned about the decorative part, not about the accurate grammar.

Confusion between to, two, and too

All these words have different meanings. For example, some people use “Too funny” while chatting. Even if they know that it is wrong, all they care about is to make it short only. No one is concerned about the meaning of a sentence. We have also seen a lot of these kinds of mistakes on TV; when a TV channel was showing a story on education with the title” schools two easy for kids.”

See how adding a semicolon and moving a comma changes the meaning dramatically?

This meme is really very funny. Read this sentence, A woman, without her man, is nothing.” Now add a semicolon and move the commas a little bit. Now see how it looks like “A woman: Without her, man is nothing.”

Don’t end the sentence with a preposition.

 A guy walks onto the campus of Harvard University and asks the first person he sees, “Pardon me, would you tell me where the library is at?” The guy, a Harvard student, replies smugly, “At Harvard, we do not end our sentences with a preposition.” The first guy says, “Oh, I am sorry. Let me rephrase. Would you tell me where the library is at, asshole?”

Now you must realize how important it is to use the correct grammar while speaking and writing English; otherwise, you will find yourself landing in a different zone. We hope you find this article fascinating and funny, so keep visiting our website for more similar and exciting themes. If you have some reviews and suggestions regarding our page, you are most welcome to leave your comments. It encourages us to improve the quality of our work every day.

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