11 Fullproof Tricks To Quit Smoking Permanently

Are you addicted to smoking? Don’t worry; we have brought you a lot of tricks to help you quit smoking. You need to subscribe to one of the services listed below, and you can save yourself from dying due to smoking, but still, you can die, even with applying these tricks. Let’s read about foolproof tips to quit smoking.

Cover yourself with Gasoline (Petrol)


 This is a scientifically proven method to say “goodbye” to smoking, you have to cover yourself with petrol, and you don’t even think about lighting a cigarette. If you follow this technique properly, we assure you that you will never smoke a cigarette in your life ever.

Only smoke underwater

 If you don’t find the first trick useful, then don’t worry. Here we come with number 2. You have already made a lot of promises to your family and friends that you will not smoke ever, but we are not asking you to say, “I quit smoking.”

Instead, you have to make just one promise that you will only smoke underwater and then try it for once. You will get a lot more along with nicotine.

Have a Heart attack

 You must be thinking, “how it will work.” Don’t stress. We will explain this to you. You need to pray to God and say, “Hey God, just give me only one single heart attack, just one. Just pray, and we believe that God will listen to you.

Because it is necessary, You must have gone through a smoking-induced heart attack; either it will be your final ticket to meet God, or you will be scared enough to quit smoking.

Cut off your Hands

 You must have heard people saying that “I will do anything to quit smoking.” So, our next tip is for only these kinds of people, who are ready to do anything because they are tired of smoking. So, our simple suggestion to you is just to cut off your hands, bro, and you won’t be able to light a cigarette again with your hands only.

Become Pregnant

If you are a woman and addicted to smoking, then this trick can work for you. You don’t have to do anything to quit smoking; you just need to do something which can make you pregnant, and once you become pregnant and you will think of lighting a cigarette, you will feel so guilty that you are doing so wrong for you and your baby and you will stop it.

Plan a trip to a cancer hospital to see lung cancer victims.

 Our next trick is also being very successful for the last ten years. Once you complete this simple step, you won’t go near smokers and cigarettes as well. You just need to take a break from your most important job of smoking continuously and visit a cancer hospital with your daily used stuff and take a 3-4 night stay with these lung cancer patients and stay with them for all this time and gain experiences from them, what they think of smoking. After doing this trick, you can think of dying straight but not about smoking again.

Imagine your ten years old son smoking on your face.

 If you are a father of a ten years old son, then this trick is for you. There is no need to do something huge and surprising. You have to go into a dark and silent room, where you can feel something very different. Sit on a chair and relax, now clean your mind from all useless thoughts and take a deep breath. 

 Close your eyes slowly and imagine that your son is sitting in front of you and smoking on your face like a chain smoker? How do you feel now? Save this to your mind for later use; whenever you think again to light a cigarette, think about it, how it actually feels when someone smokes for whom you really care about.

Replace one cigarette in your pack with a similar-looking dynamite stick

This is one of the most effective and latest methods for saying “bye-bye” to smoking. So are you ready? Then arrange a dynamite stick and manage to convert it into a cigarette; put this cigarette into your pocket without looking at it.

Now try to go for a smoke next time. And light up a cigarette. But, of course, you won’t because you don’t know which cigarette you are going to light and which of them will light you in the piece.

Move somewhere really windy, so you literally can’t even light a cigarette.

 We know this is not practically possible, but a good round of applause for the creativity. The scientist who invented this idea says to move to a windy place where you can’t light a cigarette. To know about such a place, we need to meet this inventor first; then, he will guide you for further details.

Make a time machine and go in your past when you haven’t started smoking and kill yourself.

Here we come for the second time. This is the time to meet the next inventor, Who is trying to describe his favorite trick. This one says that if you are regretting why you have started smoking, the only solution to save yourself from being guilty, that make a time machine and go to your past and kill yourself.

Please tell us to know how you like our tricks to quit smoking and if you have more fun ideas like this one; if you think so, then write them down in the comment section, and we are going to add these ideas in our upcoming funny and exciting article. In case you like this one, you can check out other comic titles on our website.

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