11 Crazy Things You Can Do If You become Invisible

Have you ever thought about what superpower you want to have? Most likely, you will say that you want to be invisible. This is definitely something that many people dream of. Think about all the fantastic possibilities. Of course, some people may think that wanting to be invisible is a bit creepy, but you definitely won’t.

This is much better than dreaming of seeing the future or hearing everyone’s thoughts. Think about always knowing how bad other people’s ideas are. This would not be as interesting as it looks. Stealth is a pretty incredible power because, of course, no one will know that you can do it, and no one will be smarter. You will escape it; it will be fun. If you are an invisible person, you can do these funny and crazy things.

Spy on your boss 

If you become invisible for once, you will spy on your boss to check his activities. For example, what time he comes to the office, what he does throughout the day, if he has an affair with any girl in the office, what he says about you when you are not around.

You can check all these activities. It might be your dream if you are a girl. Of course, it’s a very crazy idea to spy on a person who monitors your performance and work. But if your boss has troubled you a lot, then it can be worth it to spy on him.

Sneak into your neighbors’ apartment.

Everyone has a neighbor, and you must have got one. If you become invisible, another crazy thing you can do is to walk into the neighbor’s apartment without making any sound or noise. Instead, you want to snoop around and learn everything about them. 

Of course, this is crazy; that’s why it is illegal. But if you are invisible and no one finds you or even knows you are there, is it illegal? Anyways, you can check out their computer and see how their social media profiles look and what they have recently viewed on Netflix or about their browser history to know more about them.

Text people from your best friend’s phone

If you are invisible, it would be great to text someone from your best friend’s phone. Think about the possibilities. You can send messages to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and ask him what he thinks about you or if he wants to get back together. 

Most likely, He doesn’t even know the phone number of your best friend, so he will think it’s a random stranger asking this. So it might be possible that the plan will backfire, and he won’t even respond, but hopefully, he will. You can even use your best friend’s phone to text your current boyfriend and ask him to admit whether he thinks you two will stick to it for a long time. 

You can travel free wherever you want to go.

If you love to travel to beautiful places in the world, then you can visit all the beautiful places you want to go to, without spending a single penny. Listen, we all know that most airplanes are sometimes very close to capacity, but when one is invisible, it doesn’t matter. 

You can walk to the plane, down to the cargo and pet area, and relax until your plane lands in Dubai. Guess what: what happened in Dubai? Yes, you just need to be invisible and walk in immediately. In theory, if you do it right, you may be the poorest person who has ever lived a good life.

Slap someone you hate

Take the benefit of the situation and slap someone you really hate. We all know that violence is not a good thing, But what is the use of being invisible if you can’t take revenge for your insult. We are not saying to murder someone. We are just saying to give a tight slap for a mistake he has made.

Hang out with your favorite celebrities

We all know that in this modern world, if you are not famous, you do not exist, so why shouldn’t you use this power to meet your favorite celebrities all around the world. Even something as simple as showing up at the Grammy Awards. You can sneak in, sit in an empty seat, and make it happen. You are now one of the most lovable persons worldwide standing in their ranks. Be sure to fight to get into any selfies!

Fix a football game

Listen, what I’m talking about here is that if you bet a lot of money on a football match, then you will be invisible and do something to ensure that the team you want to win can become a millionaire within a week. So would it be fun to see someone participate in the match for no reason? 

Your cunning manipulation of the sport can make watching more exciting and at the same time make you rich. We know this is wrong, but this is the part of your imagination “what if I become invisible” Not some reality.

Spy on children’s activities

Suppose you are a parent and worried about their children, and you have given this power to become invisible. In that case, you can check out their everyday activities, whether they are attending their lectures, about their friends, what they do for the whole day, etc. 

Enter a bank and take away as much cash you want

If you feel like doing something well once you become invisible, you can get inside any bank and take the money as much as you want. Then, you can use this money to help the people who need it. In this way, you can help all the poor people worldwide to make this world a better place.

Play pranks on your friends

If you become invisible, you can play many pranks with your friends. For example, if your friend is going to the bathroom to take a shower, you can easily hide his towel from one place to another.

Spy on your husband

If you are a woman or, let me be more specific, a wife is aware of the suspicious activities of her husband. Then you are going to spy on your husband if you become invisible.

These are some of the craziest things you can do if you become invisible. I am sure you must have some unique and fresh ideas in your mind about what you will do if you become invisible.

So guys, think about it and let us know with your special wishes you want to fulfill after being invisible. You can post your ideas and feedback in the comment section below.

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