10 Amazing Fun Facts About Lying & Liars

“Lie, have you ever heard this word before?” If your answer is no. Then You know it very well. You must have heard this word a million times in your life. All of us lie every day in our lives to save us from big troubles we don’t want to face. A person who speaks lies is called a liar.

Whenever we don’t want to face reality and the ugly truths of life, we take the support of lies. Life is so complex and complicated that we can’t always speak the truth. If we do so, it gets more complicated. To save ourselves from making life a bit hard and complex, we use lies.

You must have read in books that “we should always speak the truth.” But it is almost impossible to follow this six-word sentence. Instead, lies are straightforward to speak, make everything exciting and funny, make life easier, and save us from punishment. What a truth can’t do, a lie can.

Let’s take a simple example: if you wake up late this morning, and you get late for the office as well, and when you enter the office, your boss is standing in front of you, he looks furious and almost ready to eat you, what would you prefer to say in front of your boss. 

You can speak the truth and be ready for the consequences or you can make a fake excuse, which looks practically feasible and sounds like, “you were helpless, you had no option,” and it will help you save yourself from punishment as you will get some sympathy also. In this article, we will read about natural and exciting facts about lies and liars.

People mostly use fake and cool names for dinner dates.

Lying is not always bad; sometimes, it’s harmless. For example, if you are going on a dinner date with someone for the first time and your name is so dull and old-fashioned like Jake, you will give yourself a new modern name like ‘Lorenzo’ in front of your partner. It looks pretty cool and helps you in being more confident. It doesn’t make any difference to your partner if she eats with ‘Jack’ or ‘Lorenzo.’

A lie is not harmful unless it hurts. 

It is believed if you are lying for some fun activities or any other purpose and you have no intentions to hurt someone’s feelings, that lie can be considered a healthy lie. But if it hurts someone, then it isn’t good. So, for example, you can’t lie to your father about your marks in exams, because they trust you and they will get hurt if you lie to them.

Lying with strangers is fun.

We usually lie in front of other people we don’t know. That is essential also. We can not disclose all the secrets and facts of our lives in front of any person we don’t even know. For example, if a new teacher in your school asks you the classroom’s way, you can guide him to the wrong class only to get some real fun.

A ‘nice lie’ is better than a ‘mean truth.’

If your lie can save someone’s feelings, then it is better than the truth. For example, if your wife spends a lot of time on her dressing and make-up and asks you, “How she looks’. Then you look at your wife, and you might not be happy about her looks. It doesn’t matter how she really looks; you must say you are looking gorgeous. Otherwise, she will get hurt.

It makes the boring activities a hundred times better.

Lying can make a lot of things exciting. For example, you have just returned to your home from a family trip to some religious place, and you are not happy about it because it was not fun at all, and if your friends ask you, how was your trip, then you can add some spices in this conversation by lying to them. Now it will sound interesting and exciting.

It would not be a lie anymore if everyone believed it.

A lie is not only the words that we speak. A world is full of lies where we live, jobs, advertisements, news, movies, etc. For example, Let’s take a film. Is it a real or a true story? No. Everything in the movie we watch is a lie. But we believed it. If we thought something in our mind, then it is not a lie anymore.

When we lie to a liar, they get hurt.

You will be surprised when you know that a person, who lies thousands of times a day when someone else lies to him, really gets hurt. Because he feels like he can be fooled by anyone so quickly?

Liars never apologize for their lies.

When anyone catches a liar, he never says, “I am sorry I lied.” Instead, he will say sorry and what it really means is that “I am sorry for being caught while lying.”

Lairs can take their lies as far as they can

Who is a good liar? Can you answer this question? A good liar always sticks to his lies; he will take them as far as he can. This is the quality of a good liar who continuously lies one after another to save himself from getting caught.

Lies make awkward things comfortable for everyone.

A lie can do what that truth can’t. It makes things more accessible and more comfortable for everyone. For example, we are running through a wrong time (like losing a family member), and your parents say that don’t worry, everything is fine. It is not a fact at all because everything is not right actually, but it gives us inner strength, and we feel like everything will be alright.

These are some actual and fun facts about lying, but people consider lying a bad habit, and we should teach our children never to tell lies. We hope that you will like this article and write to us about your opinion on lying to make it more interesting.

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